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Purpose built premises, car park, disabled access and facilities

The premises were purpose built in 1995 to be a veterinary practice. Positioned off the high street we are easily accessible with the advantage of off road car parking. We have disabled facilities including a designated car parking space, easy access as the building is all on one level, and a disabled toilet.

Dedicated surgical theatre

Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery has full operating facilities, with a prep room, theatre and recovery room. All our operating is carried out to the highest possible aseptic standards with the latest anaesthetics and monitoring equipment.

Our surgical facilities and skills cater for every eventuality from routine neutering and minor procedures through to fracture repairs and major soft tissue surgery.

Our high level of surgical expertise means that the vast majority of procedures can be undertaken on the premises.

X-ray including processor

We use x-rays to diagnose anything from broken bones, arthritis and joint diseases through to bladder stones, tumours and foreign bodies and in our continual aim to improve the service we provide, we have invested in some state of the art diagnostic equipment. We now have digital X-ray facilities which will aid us in making an accurate diagnosis as promptly as possible.


We use both internal and external laboratories for our blood profiles, to ensure speed, accuracy and reliability. Samples for the external laboratory are collected by courier twice daily and we generally receive results by the same evening. Samples for in house testing are analysed on an i-stat analyser. This allows us to test basic blood parameters faster.

We are able to perform full urinalysis and skin investigations in our in house laboratory, as well as microscopic examinations of numerous body tissues, from ear swabs to joint fluid.

In-house lungworm testing kits enable us to diagnose this potentially fatal parasite within 30 minutes from a simple blood sample, facilitating prompt treatment.


The ultrasound scanner enables us to offer a complete diagnostic imaging service on the premises. Ultrasound can be used for many different things, from examination of the heart for cardiac problems (echocardiography), examination of all internal organs, through to scans for tumours and pregnancy diagnosis.

Computerised clinical records

Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery is fully computerised with all clinical records easily accessible at the touch of a button. Any external laboratory results are emailed to us and can be scanned directly onto the patient’s details. This enables a quicker and more reliable service.

Hospitalisation facilities

Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery has modern and purpose built hospitalisation facilities. On admission all cats/rabbits are transferred from their own baskets into secure, warm, comfortable kennels and all dogs are placed in comfortable, secure, larger kennels. We also have a walk in kennel for large breeds or those with orthopaedic conditions. It is natural for some animals to be concerned when admitted to the surgery and we endeavour to keep your pets time with us as relaxing and stress free as possible. For this reason we use pheromone plug-ins (feliway for cats and adaptil for dogs) to help calm and relax your pets.

Dental equipment

Dental disease affects more than 85% of pets over 3 years old. Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery has dental equipment to enable us to perform a full range of dental treatments including, x-rays, extractions, ultrasonic scaling and polishing of teeth, and our principal vet Andy has further qualifications in veterinary dentistry.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine

We have an ECG machine to help us diagnose cardiac arrhythmias.

Doppler blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitoring is routine during anaesthesia nowadays. Older cats also commonly suffer from hypertension (raised blood pressure) so we monitor this regularly. In fact, we offer routine monitoring of blood pressure (and urine concentration) in cats over 8 years old totally free of charge, as an early warning system for common problems of older cats such as kidney disease.

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Lizzie Henderson
Lizzie qualified from Bristol University as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2010. This step to train as a vet came after a qualifying with a degree in veterinary nursing in 2003 and working in practice for…

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