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**Covid-19 Update 11th January 2021**

With these ever changing times and restrictions, we have taken the difficult decision to split our team and defer non-urgent appointments for the short term. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we would rather do this and remain open, than the whole team contract the virus and be forced to close. We appreciate your patience and kindness.

Although we have worked hard all last year and remained open to provide care for your pets we are concerned about the current rate of COVID-19 infection and we are duty bound to try and keep our team and you our clients safe. We may need to defer some routine appointments and will be offering more telephone consultations. This is due to reduced staffing numbers as a result of reshuffling the rota to operate in two separate teams.

We need your help and support to do this. If your pet is sick or you have an appointment booked and have COVID symptoms, tested positive or are self-isolating, please do not come to the surgery! Ring the surgery and we can advise on the best course of action.

Please ring the surgery if your pet is in need of urgent medical attention

Home delivery service added for medications and food - see below

Flea/worm/tick control products - postal service added

Video consults are now available! - see below

To try and ensure that a member of our team does not contract the virus (which would potentially mean closing the practice) we are however not letting clients into the building except in exceptional circumstance. The consultation will be conducted in the car park or by phone, your pet will be taken inside and a veterinary nurse will hold him/her during the examination. Lots of treats are involved where appropriate!

Dear clients,
I'd like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to continue to reduce the threat of COVID-19 whilst still providing veterinary care for our patients.
We obviously have strict cleaning and disinfection protocols normally, but we have increased the frequency of these markedly.
As far as we know to date, our pets do not pose a significant risk as carriers.
We'd like to say a big thank you to all our clients who have been following our protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We need you all to continue to help us and it seems that social distancing and hand hygiene are the most important things to concentrate on.
What we ask of you
  • Avoid coming to the surgery if you have a fever, a new persistant cough or any other symptoms of COVID-19

  • We ask that ALL CLIENTS, including those collecting medications, wait in the car/car park on arrival and let us know you're here by phone, by waving or by knocking on the door.
  • Please maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres between yourselves and members of our team/other clients.
  • Avoid paying by cash. Since we prefer that you don't enter the building, you can pay by card over the phone, or in some situations, we can e-mail you an invoice and you can use the bank details at the bottom of the invoice to transfer payment. We can also take your card (wearing a glove) and process a card payment by typing your card number in as though you were paying over the phone before returning your card to you in the car park.
If you are bringing a pet to the surgery
  • Telephone first
  • The veterinary surgeon will conduct the verbal part of the consultation in the car park (whilst maintaining social distancing) or by telephone.
  • Your pet will then be taken into the surgery and examined whilst you wait outside. A veterinary nurse will look after your pet whilst he/she is being examined by the vet.
  • Advice and discussions about treatment options will again be conducted outside or by telephone.

Video consults

  • This will help us to triage cases and prioritise seeing those genuinely in need of a physical examination
  • Video consultations will be bookable like a normal appointment, and will be a chargeable service, albeit at a reduced price
  • If the vet advises that your pet needs to be seen at the surgery, the video consult charge will be refunded - you will not have to pay twice!

High risk groups with pets needing to be seen

If you are in a high risk group or you are self isolating and have a sick pet, please call the surgery and we will try to arrange for your pet to be seen. It may be necessary for you to arrange for someone else to bring your pet to the surgery. We will have to take extra precautions such as changing dog leads or cat baskets, or using protective clothing to prevent transmission of the virus to our staff.

Medications and Food Orders
There is a repeat prescription/pet food order form on our website for ordering medications and food, or you can order by phone. Please remember that we ask for at least 24 hours to complete such orders.
  • Phone 01737210011 to pay for your order.
  • Let us know when you arrive to collect your order and we will bring your medication or food order out to the car park. We ask that you open car doors/boots such that we don't have to.
  • We have also started a postal service option for non-urgent medication such as flea, worm and tick control products. These can be ordered in the same way as above and will be posted after we have processed your payment.

If you are in a high risk group and/or you are self isolating, or you are an NHS or other keyworker and can't get to the surgery, we have introduced a home delivery service for urgent medications and food
  • Follow the above instructions for ordering and paying for food and medications.
  • At the time of ordering tell us that you will need medications and/or food delivered to you and we will do our best to help. A member of our team will then deliver to your doorstep whilst respecting social distancing recommendations.
  • Please only use this service if you genuinely need it to allow us to help those who really need it. As this is a new service in uncertain times, we are expecting demand to be high and we will do our best to deliver as quickly as possible
Whilst some members of staff were furloughed initially, the whole team is now back at work. Things are taking a little longer than usual though, so you will appreciate that there is extra strain on our reception desk and our provision of veterinary care at the moment. Please bear with us if you have longer waiting times than usual. The phones are also very busy so apologies if you can't get through. Non urgent enquiries can be submitted by e-mail to or via our contact form click here.
Whilst we need to prioritise human health, I want to reassure you that the welfare of your pets is still hugely important to us and we aim to continue to see all patients in need of medical attention.

Kind regards,
Andy Downing and the team

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